Books are the quietest friends and wisest teacher

A book is the best way of transforming information and knowledge from history to future. Being the education providers, we are aware and understand the need of this transformation. It is the need of society and duty of ours to make a child a good human being with a brilliant mind and heart for society who can realize the compromises and sacrifices of our nationalist and national / social reformers. We must have life building personality for humanity, man-making for society and character making for the world.

In today’s modern time of T.V., mobile and internet, once our youth is sensitive towards the richest culture, ideas and pride of the nation, they can be the world changers for the future generation. It is our responsibility to provide them the great minds and hearts of authors, novelists and poets so that they never feel themselves alone in the struggle of life. School library is always considered as an integral part of academic setup. Our library is the heart of school which touches the heart, moral and boost up the thinking of students to make a true character for society. It has a great wealth of books.

Every year we celebrate different activities to inculcate the reading habits among the students. A variety of competitions like book cover designing, book mark making, quizzes, poetry and magazine making and debates on different burning issues are conducted. We organize books fairs and author’s meet in our premises. Purpose of all the activities is to encourage good reading habits, provide information, inculcate new innovative ways to represent their ideas. We enthuse the development of new minds to unwrap themselves and discover their potential. We make them more comfortable, friendly and skilfull with the books because the word library is rich in its meaning and usage. Library of the school is a place from where we develop the idea of any activity and the journey of an event begins, runs and ends.

Our library is well stocked with more than 24,000 books, journals, periodicals, dailies and other reference material. It also has a reading room for providing information and knowledge. We have setup the class library to facilitate our senior students and floor library for junior students. We have ample stock of library books in different labs also.

This is how we love, nurture & develop the journey of our young nation continues...