Dear Parents and Students,,

With great reverence and carrying forward the legacy of our Founder Principal, Ms. Vandana Kapoor, Team SLS DAV greets you all. The glory of SLS DAV Public School, Mausam Vihar has spread far and wide in these 33 years under the dynamic and exemplary leadership of its visionary founder Principal with the motto “EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE & EXCEL ! Taking inspiration from her mentoring, our focus has always been on the holistic development of the child with inclusivity and inculcation of values as an important aspect of the school’s vision statement. SLS DAV Public School, Mausam Vihar is committed to march ahead with a futuristic vision to promote Inclusive Education.

Not only we are focussing on academic excellence, but a lot of Experiential Learning is happening with a wide range of activities where children are experimenting, exploring, experiencing and analyzing while learning values of respect, empathy, discipline, trust, patience, tolerance, cooperation, collaboration, dedication, determination and commitment. In addition to traditional subjects, the school offers an array of Skill Subjects like Financial Literacy and Artificial Intelligence from Class 6 onwards and Fashion Studies, Mass Media Studies at Senior Secondary Level. Subjects like Psychology, Legal Studies, Computer Science, Informatics Practices and exposure to learning of foreign languages like French along with our own native languages Hindi and Sanskrit gives an extra edge to our students and empower them to take on the technological and global challenges. Thus a paradigm shift is seen in the pedagogy where the emphasis is on Competency based Learning –development of Skills and Positive Attitude for learning. Sports, Yoga and fitness is also given equal importance in day to day learning in school. We aspire to shape our young, tender personalities into future ready global citizens.

It’s our proud privilege to share that DAV organization is now affiliated directly with Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, Govt. of India and is recognized as NSPO which brings the players of DAV Schools at par with those playing in National School Games. So, our students who would be participating in DAV Sports shall be acknowledged at National Level by Govt. of India.

SLS DAV Public School, Mausam Vihar is a grooming ground to mould young minds with holistic learning, motivating them and guiding them to become disciplined, sensible, empathetic, socially and politically aware, environment friendly members of global society with deep love and respect for humanity and mankind. We look forward to strengthening intimate bond of hope, trust, cooperation, collaboration and understanding with our students and parents. As partners, we share the responsibility for each child’s success. A student who is taught discipline will learn the power of self-control. Freedom, to be truly effective, needs the guidance of discipline. Our children represent our hopes and dreams. Let us together show them the righteous path to face future challenges.

We feel so proud of our illustrious alumni who are not only successful doctors and surgeons, IT Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, bankers, financial consultants and analysts, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries, Fashion and Media professionals, actors, models but they are serving Indian Armed Forces and are in Judicial services as well.

I, along with my team, shall always strive to make each day a fruitful and productive learning experience for our students in all spheres – nurturing them with love and care and guiding them in all phases of their school life. We would be happy to receive inputs and welcome your suggestions to create better learning environment and strengthen value system in our kids-our future progeny.

With Kind & Warm Regards,
Navita Arya