My hearty congratulations to you ma’am, Vandana Kapoor, on the achievement of your goal of passing another session successfully.

Your school has shown the pathway to others by taking up new and latest professional subjects like Legal Studies, Mass Media Studies, Fashion Studies, hence, opening new avenues for your students.

They provide the evidence of the accomplishments of our education to foster whole-person development, enhance life-long learning capabilities and more importantly, nurture positive values and attitudes towards life and society among students, enabling each to attain all-round development and achievements in various domains according to their own attributes. Through a broad and balanced curriculum, students are offered ample opportunities and choices, diverse life-wide learning exposure and also a wide range of Other Learning Experiences (OLE) beyond the classroom.

Your school’s achievement of starting with the usage of Solar power is applaudable. It has become a bench mark for other schools. Learning through smart boards has taken a deeper root and has become an integral part of teaching-learning process.

We are now entering the stage of “ Learning to Learn: Moving Forward to Excel ” in the pursuit of excellence in our curriculum reform. We place much emphasis on values education, self-directed learning.

Participation in DAVCMC programmes like ‘Samarpan Diwas’, ‘Capacity Building Programme-Mathematics’ , reflect your dedication and loyalty towards the organization and Education.

Capacity Building Programme (Mathematics) – a series of workshops for the DAV teachers was conducted very successfully and fruitfully by your school.

The best leaders always say that “everything happens for a reason”. So, taking all past events, mistakes as lessons, I wish you, your staff and students will excel in your roles and contribute to the future well-being of society, our nation and the world at large, but do always bear in mind that

the key to success in life is not to get ahead of other people, but to get ahead of ourselves.