As one walks through that unknown and scary world one thought keeps going through one’s mind…It is... “Just take it one step at a time. Doesn’t worry about what will happen later, just think about each step... one small step to success”... That is the idea one should hang on to.

With these words, I congratulate Ms. Vandana Kapoor on the successful completion of another academic year of her school. The hard work and the dedication, honesty and integrity, confidence and self determination with which you have achieved your desired results, you will be able to achieve success in future too only by retaining these qualities.

The school has grown not only in academic but in the development of overall personality of students. The enthusiastic participation of students in all interschool competitions of sports, dance, music, computers, dramatics etc.; apart from regular subjects, is commendable.

A special congratulations on the milestone step taken by your school by becoming one of the first few to initiate the installation of Solar Panels in the programme’ Sunsational Solar’. It is an evidence of your sensitivity towards the environmental problems that the world is struggling with today.

Cultural programmes on subjects like, ‘Seven Sister States of India’, ‘Kshitij ki Aur’, ‘Health and Fitness Week’ ensure a wholistic development of students.

But, there has always been and there always will be scope of improvement and betterment. 21st century is the century of education. This century of education belongs to the best and the intelligent people. In this competitive world, every student of ours will be able to make his/her future bright only with a decisive approach, firm determination and appropriate set goals.

So, our efforts can’t seize here. I wish your school all the best for the upcoming session and hope the you break all previous records and create new one.